We can offer home delivery of preventative health care products for all direct debit club members!  (T&C’s do apply so please do speak to a member of the team to confirm if you are eligible)

Please ensure your contact details with us are up to date at all times, if there is a chance they may be incorrect then please email us and we will update your file accordingly.

The price of our monthly pet health club membership includes home delivery.

If your dog or cat is a Pet Health Plan Club member then on average you will save 33% by being on the plan.
Please see leaflet below outlining new prices.

PHC leaflet

Annua9/Poster.jpg”]PHC poster[/mbutton]l payers receive an additional 10% off (compared to paying monthly) however we cannot post any products for these plan types.

We cannot post any products associated with the rabbit plan.

Did you know we have two plan options?

Topical plan– this is a simple spot on treatment, applied to the back of the neck, administered monthly.  This plan does not offer tick prevention.  This plan does offer lungworm prevention for dogs.

Oral plan– this is a palatable tablet given monthly & does provide tick prevention.  This plan does offer lungworm prevention for dogs.

Please take a moment to read a few of our most important T&C’s

  • This is not an insurance policy and we still recommend you have a life time insurance policy alongside our plan.
  • If you pay by direct debit then you are entitled to up to 3 months of preventative treatment at a time (* T&C’s apply if you are a brand new client).
  • If you are an annual payer then you may collect your annual allowance all at once, if your pet is of a stable weight.
  • Please note, if your dog goes over the weight bracket of their current plan at any point we will inform you and upgrade you onto the relevant plan so you can continue to receive the correct treatment size of flea and wormers.
  • If you default on your direct debit payment we will be unable to issue you with any further treatment covered on the plan.  You would then be liable for any cost of treatments taken.
  • If you cancel your plan at any point, other than at your annual renewal date, then you may face a cancellation fee.  This is calculated by working out the cost of treatment taken against any payments made.
  • If you are considering cancelling your policy we would encourage you to please speak to a member of our pet health club team in the first instance.
  • Home delivery is included, you may opt out & collect products in branch instead however we cannot offer a discount to your monthly direct debit.
  • Home delivery isn’t available for annual payers, you will still benefit from an additional 10% discount & can take your whole year’s worth of treatment at the time of renewal.

Both of the above plans are available for dogs and cats and are the same monthly/annual cost.  You may switch plans part way through the plan year, however due to prescription rules we may need to see your pet for an appointment in order to write a new prescription, therefore we would kindly request, where possible, you change at the time of an appointment with the Vet, such as vaccination.

We have designed our Pet Health Club so that you, as the pet owner, can ensure your pet receives the very best quality preventative treatments.

This simple, monthly, direct debit payment covers essential treatments for your pets needs throughout its life time.  Additional discounts applied if paying in full annually.

This enables you to spread the cost of providing the best possible healthcare over the year whilst benefiting from fantastic discounts.

If paying by monthly direct debit then your first collection is paid to us directly and the remaining 11 are collected via direct debit.  You can sign up online to our monthly payment plan by clicking the sign up button below.  Please only sign up below if your pet is already registered with us, if you are a new client then please use the ‘Register with us’ button on the home page first, once registered with the practice you may then join our plan.

PHC sign up link