We have a 16-slice Toshiba Lightning Aquilion CT scanner on site at our Meopham Hospital allowing us to offer CT scanning in addition to digital x-ray.

This allows us to view detailed images of inside your pet which is exceptionally useful when diagnosing and making treatment plans for soft tissue and orthopaedic diseases and injuries.

CT scanning allows us to view a 3D image of your pets bones, organs and vessels.

Examples of cases where a CT scan may be indicated are:

• Elbow dysplasia and IOHC

• Orthopaedic assessments for angular limb deformities

• Tumour monitoring or diagnosis

• Assessment of inner disease and planning for TECA/LBO surgery

• Abdominal foreign body investigation

• Imaging of the nasal chambers for chronic nasal discharge

We are happy to accept referrals for CT scanning alone.

CT Self referral form