Does your dog suffer from Osteoarthritis?

Does your dog show signs of ageing such as stiffness, exercise intolerance, intermittent lameness, do they stretch a lot, take their time to lay down or to get comfortable, maybe they cant make it up onto the sofa or your bed anymore without help.

Hydrotherapy is a great way of reducing stiffness, improving joint range of motion, rebuilding lost muscle and most of all, doing so in a safe, comfortable environment for both the dog and their joints.

Osteoarthritis does not need to be the end for your dog!

I have seen vast improvements with all my patients. Some are pulling out old toys that they haven’t been interested in for months, others managing to jump onto mum and dads bed and fill it with hairs!, whilst others are enjoying more exercise without the repercussions the next day!

Hydrotherapy is often used alongside pain medications, joint supplements and other therapies such as physiotherapy and acupuncture in order to achieve the best outcome.

I have seen many patients able to stop their veterinary prescribed medications due to the regular attendance of hydrotherapy, and I believe it can help every patient no matter what the condition.

The trick with osteoarthritis is to catch it early. This way we can prevent the rapid deterioration by slowing the degenerative process of the disease.

Is your dog their ideal body condition?

A major factor of osteoarthritis is weight management. The lighter the dog means the less pressure the joints are under.

Alongside a strict, suitable diet that everyone of our veterinary team can assist you with, hydrotherapy can aid in burning some of those unwanted calories without the dog feeling the pressure.

Why not come give it a try! I’d love to show you what it can do 🙂

Blog Written by
Amy Healey RVN