Pre purchase Examinations

5 stage

  • Carried out by Martin Hobbs, Penny Barnard-Brown and Tim Rogers
  • £262.60 (not inc. visit fee)
  • Includes blood test and storage


  • A stable that can be darkened for eye examination
  • Straight, flat, hard area for trotting
  • Large area for seeing the horse worked
  • A competent handler/rider
  • Daylight

Stage 1: The preliminary examination – This examines the horse’s general appearance and condition. The vet will examine the resting heart and lungs, the eyes and teeth. The feet and limbs are also examined.

Stage 2: Trotting up – The horse is observed walking and trotting in hand in a straight line. It may also be lunged. Flexion tests may also be performed.

Stage 3: Strenuous exercise – The horse will be given sufficient exercise to make it breathe deeply, to increase the heart rate and to reveal any strains or injuries. This may require the horse to be ridden or lunged at walk, trot, canter and possibly gallop if required.

Stage 4: A period of rest – The examination of the horse during a period of rest to assess the heart and lungs recovering.

Stage 5: Second trot and foot examination – The horse will be trotted and turned again.

The part vetting (2 stage):

  • Carried out by Martin Hobbs, Penny Barnard-Brown and Tim Rogers
  • Cost £167.45 (not inc. visit fee)
  • Consists of stages 1 and 2 above


  • Daylight
  • A stable that may be darkened for ophthalmic examination
  • A straight, flat, hard area for trotting
  • A competent handler

A blood sample will be taken at each pre purchase examination. This is sent to Newmarket for storage. This can be analysed on request within 6 months if required to screen for drugs. The cost of taking and storing the blood is included in the price of the vetting. Should you require the blood to be tested at a later date there is an additional fee for this.

To enquire about a vetting or to book one, please contact the hospital or complete our online request form.