Pet Grooming

At The Meopham Veterinary Hospital we now provide a full grooming service for dogs, cats and rabbits.

Services include: Bathing, trimming, clipping, hand stripping, drying and styling plus additional services such as nail clipping and anal gland emptying if required.

To book your pet in for grooming please call the Meopham Veterinary Hospital reception on 01474 815333, use the contact tab on our home page or email


At The Sevenoaks Veterinary Practice we have Hairy Hounds grooming salon, which was founded in 2009 by Laura Newton and Francine Bennett.

Both Laura and Francine have ample experience in professional dog grooming.

It has always been the aim of Hairy Hounds to bring a professional grooming service to the Sevenoaks area, placing the emphasis of the business on the care of our clients and their pets.  It is this philosophy that secured Laura and Francine the opportunity to work from the Sevenoaks Veterinary Practice ensuring the highest standard of grooming whilst always ensuring that the animal’s welfare and health come first.

Hairy Hounds now has an ever increasing client base and is accepting new clients every week.

Hairy Hounds operate on an appointment basis only.

To book your appointment or for further information please contact them on 01732 465347 or 07976 575784 




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